A Look at 2016 and into 2017

This year has been a spectacular year of growth for the 17th Regiment of Infantry. We continue to learn new facts every day about our recreated unit and how we’d wish to produce what the 17th Regiment actually looked like and how they’d act. This past year we hosted a regional event in October at the Mount Harmon Plantation. Our good friend Wilson Freeman of Drifting Focus Photography was there to capture our experience.  We look forward to the 2017 year of events with more friends and more progress with the establishment of our unit. We are particularly thankful to all the support on social media and our wonderful photographer friends without whom would make our unit stand out. The 17th Regiment will be contributing to the blog – o – sphere, this year! Contributing will be our attached follower Katherine Becnel, whose experience with museum and living history background will enlighten us with informative posts and we look forward to gain more experience and thoughts from a continuing discussion on where we are in our past and present; and where this knowledge will take us in the future.

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