A Short Message from the Editor

After a short hiatus during this week, if you noticed; the website is back up and functioning once again. After a major update a few things are different with this update; it is still very much a work in progress. So if you are a regular visitor to look at pictures you’ll find that the gallery is not there. In the move the portfolio projects were not transferred over so they will have to be added once again, which will take time and will hopefully be up by the end of the day or Saturday at the latest. If you’ve previously subscribed to our blog via email notifications please consider subscribing again! There will still be working changes going on through out the week as I work to aim for perfection, but I promise not to disturb the viewing experience (that much).

Thanks for your patience.

Mary S.

– An attached follower of the 17th Regiment of Infantry

Update Notes:

  • Migrated from wordpress.com to wordpress.org
  • Changed Theme. Similar but different!
  • Updated Header. Still needs fixing…
  • Widgets and Sidebar still a mess.
  • Social Media links; no where to be seen! 😮
  • Updated Links. We’ll stay with you the whole time! (To the Top!)
  • Gallery Images still to come…
  • RIP old wordpress.com website.


2 thoughts to “A Short Message from the Editor”

  1. Ma’am, I am amazed as to how well this is all put together. Well thought out and planned. I enjoy visiting this site and the blogs. I would love to see a blog as to what the common soldier carried on his person, a detailed description of what someone might carry while on campaign.

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