Half a Year in Review

Hello friends and family of the 17th Regiment of Infantry! Hope you are having a great start to the beginning of the month. As the editor, I wanted to take this opportunity to have a website “meeting” with everyone who reads our blog and participates. I wanted to take thank all of my friends who continue to surprise me with their knowledge of the 18th century civilian and military who have all volunteered to write posts so far:

Katherine Becnel12003335_457618864428696_3522071243183744558_n.jpg
Kyle Timmons
Jenna Schintzer
Mark Odintz PhD.
Will Tatum PhD.
Don Hagist
Carrie Fellows
Damian Niecsior
Tim Macdonald
Andrew Kirk
William Michel
Anna Gruber-Kiefer
Brandyn Charlton

Thank You so much for participating in the blog since we started, it wouldn’t be possible without. (I don’t think I missed listing anyone but if I did I meant to list you!) Here is a lengthy list of the post highlights that we’ve had in the last few months:

Funcomfortable Kat Becnel
Describing reenacting in the bitter cold of From Princeton to Trenton in January 2017
Feminism and FollowingKat Becnel
A farewell opinion piece describing the difference between gal trooping and following the army from a woman’s perspective.
Opening a Window to the Past Jenna Schnitzer
A conversational discussion piece on the representation of women impressions.
Founding the Recreated 17thWill Tatum PhD.
A two part origin story of how the recreated 17th came to be in America.
The Physicality of History Kyle Timmons
A first person simulated account of what 18th Century Soldiers might have had to deal with.
Music Made Easy: A Guide to Period PlayingTim Macdonald 
A brief guide on the do’s and don’ts to period musick playing. An introduction to material culture, in the mix of military discussion.
The Things We Carry Damian Niescior
A short guide to everything an 18th Century Soldier might be seen carrying on his person.
The Things We Carry: On the Strength of the ArmyCarry Fellows
A short guide to everything an 18th Century Follower might be seen carrying on her person.
The Making of a “Massacre” Simcoe’s Surprise Attack At Hancock’s Bridge
William Michel
A brief synopsis of the history of The Hancock House in South Jersey opening the discussion to local history and the importance of saving historic homes from the 18thc.
On Portraying a Member of the Religious Society of Friends During the American RevolutionBrandyn Charlton
A brief discussion of the representation of religion in reenacting with the focus on the religious society of friends developing an introduction to the discussion of religion during the Revolutionary War on the 17th blog.

Changing topic… As editor it’s important to listen to opinions and ideas of what people might want to see. If you can tell I’ve been trying to get a well rounded group of information with everything from; material culture, military history, opinion, and personal reenacting experiences.  I’ve made it my “job” to figure out what the best balance is to share. Not everyone is an active reenactor who seems to read the blog. So what I would like is for active readers to continuously give opinions on what is being posted, so we know what direction to take the discussion.

If you have any requests or topics you would like us to try and discuss please feel free to email me! If you have a topic that you personally would like to discuss please see the Writers Wanted page for more information if you have any questions or comments please use the email listed on that page.

14409902_10155259266372306_4176891046748253415_oOne of my backburner projects for this website has been the 17th Newsletter you see if you open the website for the first time on your browser. Personally it’s a process of learning and developing a new skill. As a senior in college you can imagine the lack of time and the ability to spend a good amount of time to learn new programs by myself. Secondly, a long time work in progress has been updating the 17th Gallery. As a film major I am constantly being reminded of the importance of images in making an impression on an audience. With so many great photographers who come to events and share their work with us it is only fair that I have one place to appreciate each of the photographers per event and where their work can be viewed in one place on our website. This project being delayed is another issue of not having enough time. It is just me working on the website so I appreciate everyone’s patience.

That’s all for this post! Thanks for participating in the discussion of history, see you at the next event.

Remaining 17th Events 2017

Sept 15 – 17
Brandywine, PA / Sandy Hollow

Sept 30

Living History at the Speaker’s House, Trappe, PA

Oct 14 – 15
Occupied Philadelphia with The Museum of the American Revolution

Dec 1 – 3
Garrison event at the Old Barracks Museum Trenton, NJ

mybiopic.pngMARY SHERLOCK
Mary is a full time Film and Media Arts Student at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the ‘head’ follower for the 17th Regiment of Infantry. She has been reenacting the Revolutionary War for seven years and is continuing to do so. Mary has been the moderator of the 17th website since 2015 and has been teaching herself html code and css since 2009.

A Short Message from the Editor

After a short hiatus during this week, if you noticed; the website is back up and functioning once again. After a major update a few things are different with this update; it is still very much a work in progress. So if you are a regular visitor to look at pictures you’ll find that the gallery is not there. In the move the portfolio projects were not transferred over so they will have to be added once again, which will take time and will hopefully be up by the end of the day or Saturday at the latest. If you’ve previously subscribed to our blog via email notifications please consider subscribing again! There will still be working changes going on through out the week as I work to aim for perfection, but I promise not to disturb the viewing experience (that much).

Thanks for your patience.

Mary S.

– An attached follower of the 17th Regiment of Infantry

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