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Captain: Jeffery Blessing
Sargent: Andrew Kirk
Corporal(s): Kyle Timmons | Charles Kholer


Head Follower / webmaster: Mary Sherlock

Outreach: Jeremy Becnel

Research and Development: Dr. Will Tatum III

Head of Uniforms:
David Niescior
Andrew Kirk
Damian Niescior

Blog Editor: Mary Sherlock

Blog Contributors:
Kat Becnel
Dr. Will Tatum

Guest Contributors:

Jenna Schnitzer
Kyle Timmons
Dr. Mark Odintz PhD.
Dr. Will Tatum PhD.
Don Hagist
Carrie Fellows
Damian Niecsior
Tim Macdonald
Andrew Kirk
William Michel
Anna Gruber-Kiefer
Brandyn Charlton
Joshua Mason
John Rees
Ben Bartgis

Photography Contributors:
Wilson Freeman | Drifting Focus Photography
Josh Blessing
Mary Sherlock

Photography and Blog Contribution:
If you’d like to send us article topics you would like us to discuss in our blog please email your ideas over to or . If you’d like to share photos with us please tag us on social media @hm17thregiment on Facebook, @hm17thregt on Instagram or #hm17thregt across the web. Please feel free to send us press information to our designated emails listed above.

All of our research was provided by Dr. Will Tatum and the 17th Regiment of Infantry Members who continue to contribute to make the unit.