The Battle of Princeton, 2016

Princeton, New Jersey January 9th – 10th

“About 270 were men of the 17th Infantry, the other soldiers engaged were convalescent soldiers belonging to numerous different regiments that were on their way to rejoin their parent units at Trenton, mounted and dismounted 16th light dragoons, a company of the 55th, and the Royal Artillery. On the other side of the field was a few thousand Continental soldiers. When the 17th faced off with Mercers brigade on the farm of William Clarke, the first volley fired by Mercers men, supposedly dropped the front rank of the 17th, before the 17th charged Mercers brigade, routing it! Following that, the 17th broke Cadwalder’s 1,150 man brigade. Eventually, as other American brigades showed up on the field and others rallied, the weight of numbers took it’s toll and the 17th was forced to give ground. For it’s part in the battle, the 17th received an unbroken laurel wreath added to their Colors.” Learn More >

At the start of 2016 the 17th Regiment of Infantry was featured at Princeton on Saturday evening for a Luminary event hosted by the Campaign of 1776 at the monument in Princeton, New Jersey. The next morning a real time battlefield tour presented by Dr. Will Tatum III began for visitors as they approached the main field the battle began.

Photography by Molly Picture Studio,  and various members of the 17th Regiment of Infantry.

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Garrison at the Barracks, 2015

Trenton, New Jersey  December 4 – 6 2015 

Finally at the end of our season we came up on our last two events of the year, both of which were hosted at the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, New Jersey. In the first weekend of December we celebrated the year by having a Garrison event where the members of the 17th Regiment of Infantry practiced drilling and marching, we spent the night in the cozy warm barracks. The Old Barracks Museum also acts as the 17th Regiment of Infantry headquarters for our annual potluck and meeting, where we get together to discuss the future of the regiment and the new year of events.

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Welbourne – Tactical on the Farm 2015

Upperville, Virginia November 6 – 7th, 2015

The scenario: involving a small Crown column heading out to forage from Philadelphia in the fall of 1777. They are tasked with securing a bridge and a ford, establishing a picket line, and gathering intelligence on local activity. It is likely they will encounter a number of civilians of various loyalties as well as some Continental forces rumored to be in the area. While some skirmishing may occur the orders are to avoid a general engagement. This event is not a “powder-burner” or a battle reenactment. The primary focus is to experience the everyday experience of fatigue duty, picket posting, and the like. Some fighting may occur, but officers and NCOs should be mindful to avoid unrealistic scenarios. If you are heavily outnumbered or outmaneuvered give way or give up, the same is true for infantry who encounter mounted troops in the open.

In November of 2015, two short months after our debut at Fort Ticonderoga, the 17th Regiment of Infantry took part in a Tactical event as a unit, transporting just over 15 infantry and 2 followers to south of Harper’s Ferry, to a farm in Upperville, Virginia, where the members participated in a short march to establish a picket line. Enduring the natural elements and lack of sleep on a chilled November weekend.

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Living History Battle, Monmouth 2015

Manalapan Township, New Jersey October 9 – 11th, 2015

Members of the 17th Regiment enjoyed a tour of the neighboring orchards and historic battle landmarks of Monmouth, New Jersey for a LIVING HISTORY BATTLE as the 17th Regiment of Infantry, on a sunny October weekend.

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2017 Events

Starting off the year with The Heroes of Princeton, saving civilians from ruffians, distributing orders on the town and commanding the field at the Princeton Battlefield in Princeton, New Jersey, the 17th Regiment of Infantry continues to march on the Philadelphia Campaign.


  • Princeton, New Jersey January 6 – 8th 240th Occupation of Princetowne
  • Salem, New Jersey March 25 – 26th Occupation of Salem
  • Mt. Vernon, Virginia May 5 – 7th Living History at Mount Vernon
  • Short Hills, New Jersey June 23 – 25th Battle of Short Hills
  • Brandywine, Pennsylvania  September 15 – 17th Battle of Sandy Hollow
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  October 14 – 15th Occupation of Philadelphia { coming soon! }


2016 Events

Take a look at all our events in 2016! With some of our friends taking fantastic photos and video we can look back at the past year. We’ve made so much progress in the 2015-2016 year and its fantastic to have images to look back on and visibly see that progress we’ve made.


  • Princeton, New Jersey January 9 – 10th Real Time Battlefield Tour
  • Mt. Vernon, Virginia April 29 – 1st Living History at Mount Vernon
  • Monmouth, New Jersey June 24 – 26th Living History at Monmouth
  • Ticonderoga, New York July 22 – 24th Defiance and Independence 
  • Monmouth, New Jersey September 17th Battle of New York at Monmouth
  • Yorktown, Virginia September 23 – 25th Siege of Yorktown at the Endview Plantation
  • Mt. Harmon, Maryland October 28 – 30th Foraging Party on the Chesapeake
  • Trenton, New Jersey December 2 – 4th Garrison / Annual Dinner
  • Trenton, New Jersey December 30th Battle of Trenton

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