2017 Events

Starting off the year with The Heroes of Princeton, saving civilians from ruffians, distributing orders on the town and commanding the field at the Princeton Battlefield in Princeton, New Jersey, the 17th Regiment of Infantry continues to march on the Philadelphia Campaign.


  • Princeton, New Jersey January 6 – 8th 240th Occupation of Princetowne
  • Salem, New Jersey March 25 – 26th Occupation of Salem
  • Mt. Vernon, Virginia May 5 – 7th Living History at Mount Vernon
  • Short Hills, New Jersey June 23 – 25th Battle of Short Hills
  • Brandywine, Pennsylvania  September 15 – 17th Battle of Sandy Hollow
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  October 14 – 15th Occupation of Philadelphia { coming soon! }


2016 Events

Take a look at all our events in 2016! With some of our friends taking fantastic photos and video we can look back at the past year. We’ve made so much progress in the 2015-2016 year and its fantastic to have images to look back on and visibly see that progress we’ve made.


  • Princeton, New Jersey January 9 – 10th Real Time Battlefield Tour
  • Mt. Vernon, Virginia April 29 – 1st Living History at Mount Vernon
  • Monmouth, New Jersey June 24 – 26th Living History at Monmouth
  • Ticonderoga, New York July 22 – 24th Defiance and Independence 
  • Monmouth, New Jersey September 17th Battle of New York at Monmouth
  • Yorktown, Virginia September 23 – 25th Siege of Yorktown at the Endview Plantation
  • Mt. Harmon, Maryland October 28 – 30th Foraging Party on the Chesapeake
  • Trenton, New Jersey December 2 – 4th Garrison / Annual Dinner
  • Trenton, New Jersey December 30th Battle of Trenton

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2015 Events

Our debut year as the 17th Regiment of Infantry! After months of sewing parties, we were finally able to field as a group beginning in Ticonderoga, New York. All the while, trying to stay with the course of action as the same 17th Regiment of Foot did as they moved south to Yorktown, Virginia, where we attended the Siege of Yorktown in 2016.


  • Ticonderoga, New York September 11 -13th Brown’s Raid
  • Monmouth, New Jersey October 9 – 11th Living History Battle
  • Welbourne, Virginia November 6 – 7th Tactical on The Farm
  • Trenton, New Jersey  December 4 – 6 Garrison / Annual Meeting 
  • Trenton, New Jersey December 26 – 28 Battle of Trenton

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