Write For Us

Welcome to the 17th blog! The 17th Regiment of Infantry’s blog is written and produced by members of the reenacting community who research, develop and recreate impressions of the Revolutionary War. Our blog is on a mission to provide research based interpretation of the 17th Regiment and other related topics of interest. If you would like to write for us please see the guidelines below, then feel free to send us an email.

Since our blog is just for fun our requirements are pretty simple:

4 – 5 paragraphs minimum and at least 3 images, you may include more.

You may write until you feel you’ve completed your topic. If you are going to have a serial post then please let me know in advance so we can schedule you to post twice.

At the end of the blog post there will be space for a short biography and a clear image of yourself. This part can be creative but make sure the audience will be able to learn about who you are. Make sure to link any resources or credit images that are not originally yours.

If you use outside resources in your article please include them using Chicago Style.

Keep reading for our blog schedule’s listed below.

Advertise Special Events:

If you have an event coming up with your Revolutionary War site dating from 1775 – 1783.  You must email me two months in advance so we can schedule you to post and go through the screening process.

Subject Line: Special Event Ad
Post Date: Sunday’s or Monday’s
Due By: Saturday Night at 12 am EST.

Revolutionary Homes:

Do you have a local Revolutionary Era home in your community? The 17th Regiment of Infantry would like for you to tell us about it. We care about our historic homes as artifacts and as historical touchstones in communities and want to ensure that they’ll be around for posterity. The best way that the 17th can raise awareness is by talking about them! We’ll hopefully save endangered homes from being demolished by helping to show their historical importance. Develop your research, summarize your findings, and then send us the topic.

Subject line: Revolutionary Homes
Post Date: Wednesday’s or Thursday’s
Due By: Tuesday Night

Our Blog Schedule:

Our posts are normally posted once a week on Wednesday or Thursday around 12:00 to 1:30 pm EST. If you are going to send in a blog you will need to send in your blog a day in advance in order to be edited and and formated to our standards.

Due By: Tuesday or as soon as possible before the scheduled date.

How To Send in a Topic: 

Subject line: 17th Regiment {Insert Topic Here}
Email to: hm17thblog@gmail.com

You should be able to explain your topic in full detail and it must relate to the Revolutionary War. We’re looking for everything from Material Culture Studies to Military History.

Audience Awareness: Your topic will first be discussed by the administration before posting it to the website to make sure it will be appropriate for our readers (your audience).

What will you get in return for writing?

Our sincerest appreciation. Once your first topic is approved and posted you will be invited to write again. I will send you statistics on how your blog did that week. Your post will be advertised on our social media. You will be able to reach out to our audience on social media, and gain awareness for your event or research.